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  • Frost (Sparkling White) Everyone needs a go-to highlighter, and this is our favorite! This snowy-white shadow sparkles and helps to brighten eyes (not to mention, helps conceal the results of the previous night of partying). Use it in the inside corners of eyes and just below the brow to make eyes pop!
  • White Rabbit (Pale white w/ pink sheen) A soft, opaque duo-chrome that changes from a sparkling white to a bright pink in sunlight. Makes a stunning highlighter or try layering on top of other shadows to create extra depth and dimension!
  • Prude (Pale shimmery pink) The perfect highlighter to brighten-up any look! Try below the browbone or on the inside corners of eyes!
  • Rocked (Soft, neutral peach w/ violet sheen) A delicate girly shade, perfect for the office or days you only have 5 minutes for makeup! Don't worry though, you'll still feel pretty in this lovely neutral with subtle violet duochrome!
  • Hustle (Mauve-pink w/ orange undertones)
  • Lovey Dovey (Vibrant pink w/ gold sparkle) This bright and pretty pink has a gold sparkle to it. This color is safe for use all over and looks amazing on lips with a bit of clear gloss or as a blush!
  • X's and O's (Magenta-purple w/ copper sparkle) This incredible eyeshadow was a previously limited-edition shade released for Valentine's Day 2011 and was by FAR the favorite of the collection -- more than 2 years later and we still get tons of ladies asking for this beauty, and now we finally get to add it to the full line-up! This stunning purple shade is chock full of elegant copper sparkle!
  • Kismet (Bright pink with gold sparkle) Every girl needs a good pink in their collection! “Kismet” has a great gold sparkle to it. Try applying to lips with a bit of clear gloss!
  • Viva Los Muertos (Electric pink w/ purple shift) Voted a fan-favorite from our Sugar Skull collection! Bright, gorgeous, Barbie's-corvette-circa-1985 hot pink with a brilliant flash of purple!
  • Brat (Shocking, hot pink) The hottest, brightest vegan pink under the sun excluding dyes! Pat it on lightly, and its violet leanings will pop out. Wear it all over your lids, and dance this mess around because you'll be the star of the party!
  • Hearts (Deep shimmery red) A vibrant true-red shade of red! A popular part of our beloved "Alice" collection!
  • Napalm (Smoldering orange w/ gold sparkle) Dramatic and vibrant, this stunning shade has undertones of gold and can be worn alone or as a bright accent in the inside corner of eyes.
  • Ruse (Bronze w/ gold sparkle) A stunning, shimmery shade perfect for summer! Easy neutral that adds the perfect amount of sparkle to eyes!
  • Juvenile (Acid-green w/ turquoise sparkle) Bright yellow-green shadow. Try it alone or as an accent in the inside corner of eyes!
  • Detox (Mint green w/ silver sparkle) A soft green filled with sparkle, perfect for Spring.
  • Charm School  (Bright, glittery green w/ golden undertones) Wearing this sparkling clover green might just bring the luck of the Irish upon you! *Luck not guaranteed, but we can promise striking eyes!
  • Living Dead (Moss green w/ brilliant copper undertones) Voted the top favorite from our bestselling Zombie Girl collection!
  • Harlequin (Olive green w/ golden undertones) This mineral eyeshadow mixes a warm neutral olive shade with elegant gold undertones. The perfect shade for day or night
  • Infinity (Smooth aqua-blue) This satiny shade is reminiscent of everyone's favorite blue... of the Tiffany variety! Elegant, this pairs nicely with a great smoky look!
  • Swamped (Deep green w/ golden undertones) This elegant swampy green is super-sultry, and makes a stunning contour/crease color!
  • Temptress (Dark teal w/ gold sparkle) This mermaid-teal shade is rich, seductive and incredibly flirty. The gold sparkle adds a bit of pop to this fan-favorite!
  • Kinky (Black-base teal w/ rainbow sparkle)
  • Daydream (Shimmery baby blue) A soft blue with a heap of shimmer, this Mineral Eyeshadow has a smooth, satiny look to it! A part of our beloved "Alice" collection!
  • Zealous (Vibrant turquoise) Reminiscent of tropical waters, this color is pure fun. And yes, this color is bright! Go crazy or add just an accent to the inside corners of eyes.
  • Strobelight (Chrome silvery-blue) This steel blue reminds us of a disco ball! Makes a stunning accent, especially with darker contours.
  • Bang-up (Electric blue w/ gold sparkle) This bright, bold eyeshadow is not for the tame! Thanks to a strong base, this color POPS creating an amazing accent to any look... especially those looks that lean a little more toward the creative side!

Concrete Minerals Loose Eyeshadow

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Product Description

Are you hellbent on creating a sexy, richly-pigmented mineral makeup look that's not only healthy, but reminds us why being a girl is badass? Check out the Concrete Minerals range of bold, sexy and unique loose mineral eyeshadows that shimmer to give you that edge. And most of all Concrete Minerals Eye Shadows are...

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free
100% Gluten-Free
Made in the U.S.A.
All products are fragrance-free
We never include scary preservatives like parabens in any of our products
We only include the purest ingredients and always exclude cheap fillers like talc and bismuth oxychloride

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, Boron Nitride

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