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At Le Beauty Affair we offer amazing Eyelash Extensions in our studio in Seven Hills using only premium products.
Eyelash Extensions can last up to 6 weeks depending on your lash cycle. It is recommended to get infills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking full.

Offering Classic, Volume and Hybrid Eyelash Extensions we're sure to find a set that suits you and your budget. Each set of eyelashes are customised for each client, no two sets are the same.

Whats the difference between Classic, Hybrid and Russian Volume?

Classic Eyelash Extensions: Featuring a natural look, it invlves placing 1 eyelash extension on 1 natural eyelash.

Russian Volume: More dramatic look. It involves placing 2 or more eyelash extensions on 1 natural eyelash.
The eyelash extensions used in Russian Volume are thinner than Classic extensions - making them light weight and comfortable.

Hybrid: Is a combination of both Classic and Russian Volume.

No doubt you are here because you are interested in getting eyelash extensions applied. YAY!
Eyelash extensions are incredibly beautiful and can enhance your look as long as they are applied correctly. You will receive excellent service at Le Beauty Affair, your lashes will be applied correctly - according to what will suit you and what your natural lashes can handle.

* Eyelash Extensions should not damage your natural lashes
* they should NOT hurt
* they should NOT be irritating or uncomfortable
* there should NOT BE ANY CLUMPS
* no two natural lashes should be glued together
* you SHOULD cleanse your lashes - the correct way
* you should brush them daily.

Many of my customers have come to me with damaged lashes from going to places who do not offer quality services.
I've had women come in, almost in tears because of the 'tugging' feeling they have on their lashes, this is due to incorrectly applied lashes. Most of the places they attended either offered cheaper prices or faster lashing times.

PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH - If you need more information - please do not hesitate to contact me - no obligation.

Online Bookings currently unavailable, please contact 0404 106 006 for an appointment



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