Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo

Microblading/Ombre/Combination/Powder Brows

$500 -$600

During your consultation we will determine which technique will be best for you

Microblading/Feathering $500- is the art of placing strokes that resemble eyebrow hairs within your brows to create the illusion of naturally fuller brows using a manual hand tool.

Powder Brows/Ombre $500- using a tattoo machine we carefully place pixels to create a nice airy powdery look. This technique is suited for those who want a more filled in look.
Ombre Brows are lighter at the front and gradually gets darker  where Powder brows are more consistent throughout.

Combination $600- is a combination of both hairstrokes and powder technique to create the best of both worlds. 

Touch up prices
for existing clients only
2-3 months - $200
4-6 months - $250
6-12 months - $350
12-23 months - $400
over 23 months = full price

 A pre procedure questionnaire will be sent to you upon booking or enquiry.
Cosmetic Tattoo Powdered Ombre Brows Seven Hills BlacktownCosmetic Tattoo Powdered Ombre Brows Seven Hills BlacktownCosmetic Tattoo Powdered Ombre Brows Seven Hills Blacktown


Lip Blush
$500 (initial appointment)
Re-define your lips, add some natural colour or neutralise unwanted dark pigment on your lips with Lip Blush. It can also help create the illusion of fullness in the lips without filler.

Non-Laser Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

We use mildly acidic solution (glycolic acid) that is readily accepted by the skin, allowing the pigment to move to the skin surface and literally be wiped away. Multiple removal sessions maybe required.
THink Pigment Remover is perfect for the following:
  • Removing / Lightening / Lifting previous PMU procedures (brows, lips etc)
  • Fading unwanted pigment
  • Brow Shape alteration
  • Removing / Lifting unwanted strokes (Microblading or machine hairstrokes)
  • Suitable for: Brows, Lips, Camouflage & Areola, etc.

$250 initial session
$200 for subsequent sessions
A series of 3+ sessions may be required depending on how saturated your brows are. 

 Cosmetic Tattoo Removal Blacktown Seven Hills Sydney


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